WordPress 101 :

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. It’s used on many hosting companies from GoDaddy to Dreamhost. It also has a free option via Just like all technology it looks like it has a lot of perks, but how do you learn them all? Lots of options become scary and complicated! Who has time to learn for something new? Don’t know all the resources or who to go to? Then this is the perfect class for you!

Day One: Introductions

 Day Two: Know Your Resources/Where to Start/hosting/

  • Hosting companies that offer wordpress for a fair price
  • What does offer?

Day Three: The WordPress Dashboard

  • Logging into your account
  • Managing Comments
  • Tracking statistics
  • Customizing the dashboard’s appearance
  • Updating your personal settings and profile
  • Updating general settings

Day Four: Themes & Customization

  • How to I customize my page?
  • What are themes? Where can I get them?
  • Learning how to customize a header.
  • Custom fonts

 Day Five: Plugins

  • What are plugins?
  • What plugins can offer and where to get them.

Day Six: Writing a post or a Page.

  • How to add a post and what is quick press?
  • Adding links
  • What are categories and tags?
  • Scheduling a post
  • Copy/pasting a post

Day Seven: Adding and Managing Media

  • How to add a photo
  • How to add a video
  • Adding pdfs, .doc, etc.
  • How to manage your media


Day Eight: Working with Link Lists

  • Adding links
  • Managing links

Day Nine & Ten: Questions and Answers



How to Manage Your Social Media with Hootsuite will help authors, booksellers, and publishers understand Hootsuite and what it offers including the basics of the software to how Hootsuite can help manage all your social media, why it’s important, and keeping you update by events, favorite authors, and more!






How Can Evernote Help Me Write?

Evernote brings your life’s work together in one digital workspace. Evernote is the place to collect inspirational ideas, write meaningful words, and important documents. Evernote is a diverse tool. Can be used online, on the go, and makes taking notes as simple as possible!

Day One

· What is Evernote?

· Free vs. Paid

· Register for a Evernote account

· Download the application on your computer and mobile devices.

· Download the Evernote Webclipper

Day Two

· Learn about the Evernote layout

· Creating Notes

· Creating Notebooks

Day Three

· Using the Webclipper

· Using Search

· Writing a post and it’s features

Day Four

· Tips for saving articles with webclipper.

· Using Notebooks to keep organized.

· Sharing your documents, notes, etc.

Day Five

· Open day for questions.